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5 innovative gadgets for cars that make our life easier

If you have a car, chances are you spend a lot of time driving around to a variety of places and exploring different new sceneries in England. But since you spend all that time inside the car, you would want to have as joyful experience as possible, whether you are driving alone or with family and friends. So, here are 5 gadgets that will make your car rides more convenient and pleasurable.

  1. USB Car Charger

How many times have you had a long road trip with your family and friends, and didnot have enough USB ports to charge some of their phones? It can be troublesome to keep the phone battery full when you are going to spend a long time in your car, so a solution to this can be a USB car charger with additional USB ports. Having this gadget at a hand will spare you from having phones with dead battery for your road trips, especially when it will not take up much space in your car.

  1. Mobile Signal Booster

Driving around in your car is a cool experience, but probably not when you have no good connection at a hand. Whenever you enter a long tunnel, or perhaps visit an area with a weak cellular tower coverage, you start to have troubles with your phone signal and as a result, you miss out on calls, and even if you manage to get through them, most of the time they get dropped. Mobile signal booster is a good option to avoid those kinds of situations. They are small and easy to install in your car and boost your connection immediately. They are exceptionally good in case of emergencies, so you will be on the safe side and you will know you will have a connection in case something happens. If you don’t have a mobile signal booster, you can swiftly get it from a “Mobile Signal Boosters” shop in England.

  1. Smartphone Mount

If you came to London for sightseeing for the first time for your holidays, you are going to need a map on your phone to be able to navigate properly. But imagine how hard can it be to hold your phone, look at the map for directions and drive at the same time. Not only will you be constantly distracted while driving, but you may also miss a turn because of your constantly shaking phone in your one hand.  Installing a smartphone mount will solve both problems, you will be able to focus on your driving with both hands on the steering wheel, and you will be able to take a look at your phone to check for the directions. The mount will hold your phone still and will prevent it from excessively shaking. Another cool thing about this gadget is that it can be attached to anywhere you want in your vehicle, and you can also set it into a position that is most comfortable for viewing your phone screen.

  1. Bluetooth Car Finder

Every time you go to a crowded place, you try to park your car somewhere visible so that you can locate it later on, but sometimes when you return, there are so many cars that you cannot even see your car, let alone get to it. To prevent this situation from happening, you can obtain a Bluetooth car finder, which will let you know about the location of the car. It is a small and easily installable gadget that will not take much effort from you, and it will definitely spare you from drawing endless circles in the parking lot.

  1. In-Car Bluetooth Speakerphone

It can sometimes be a struggle to answer your constantly ringing phone while you are busy driving, especially if you are about to make a turn, or while you are trying to parallel park. But what if you cannot absolutely miss the important call because it might be your boss calling, or it might be someone who needs your help. Taking the call by the hand will distract you from driving, especially when you have to use both your hands for steering. Besides, you have to try to adjust the phone by putting it on your shoulder and spraining your neck, which is also not a very convenient option. Here is when the in-car Bluetooth speakerphone steps in. It will help you to answer phone calls without having to touch your phone. You will also instantly know the name of the caller, because the gadget pronounces the caller’s name during the incoming call.

Now that you know about all these gadgets, you can have endless pleasurable car rides without worrying about the simplest things anymore.

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