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20 Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair and Scalp

Hair nourishment is one of the biggest concerns among people from all age groups and genders and living in all parts of the world. With the ever-rising cases of acute hair loss, baldness, pre-mature hair greying and routine hair damage, there is a constant search for the best hair nourishing products. Chemical-based laboratory-prepared hair care products promise only temporary results and bring along numerous side-effects, leaving hair even more damaged in long term. This is the reason for the attention shifting towards natural oils, one of the most popular being coconut oil.

Summarized below are the most amazing benefits of coconut oil on hair that are truly inspiring.

It Prevents Protein Loss

That proteins are the building blocks of hair is a well-known fact. Coconut oil, for being rich in lauric acid, adds ‘fat’ to the hair strands and follicles which ultimately prevent protein loss. As hairs retain natural proteins, they stay stronger and look much healthier.

It Protects Against Environment

Unfortunately, the environment we live in is not at all friendly for hair, skin and overall human health. Pollutants and impurities can cause easy damage to hairs, making them weak and fragile. Coconut oil fully penetrates the hair shafts and forms an invincible shield against these damaging factors.

It Helps Retain Moisture

Well-moisturized hairs have a natural tendency to combat the major reasons of hair damage. Coconut oil is highly stable and does not break down easily. Moreover, it has an extremely slow rate of evaporation. All these things lead to the moisture-retaining quality of the oil which is indeed a boon for healthy hair.

It Feeds Dry Scalp

Dryness of scalp is mainly caused by the repetitive use of shampoos and conditioners and various saloon procedures like hair toning. Flake formation is common on dry scalp and it not only weakens the hair roots, but is also a reason for embarrassment. Massaging with coconut oil is one great way to feed dry scalp and keep it nourished.

It Slows Hair Loss

Hair loss may result from hormonal issues, nutritional deficiencies, autoimmune diseases, stresses, saloon hair treatments and many more. Regardless of the root cause, coconut oil has the mechanism to add medium-chain fatty acids to penetrate the hair cortex and make it strong. One of the best coconut oil hair benefits is that it slows down the rate of hair loss, thereby postponing the possibility of baldness.

It Promotes Blood Circulation

Restricted flow of blood to any body part is a critical issue and hairs are not an exception in this regard. By regularly massaging hairs with coconut oil, you can increase blood circulation to scalp and hair follicles which adds to their agility and strength and make them more responsive towards nutrient absorption. It also keeps the supply of oxygen to the hairs adequate, further boosting their overall state of healthiness.

It Adds Density to Hair

Thin hairs are again prone to breakage. Moreover, hairs with low density are not acceptable if you are style conscious. Coconut oil is among the best natural products to ad fullness and density to hairs by penetrating the hollow space of strands. It is one step towards those gorgeous and attractive hairs.

It Combats Hygral Fatigue

Presence of excessive water may cause over-moisturizing of hairs which ultimately leads to frequent swelling and contracting of hair fibres. This could be one contributing factor towards hair damage. Coconut oil being ‘polar’ in nature is known to prevent this phenomenon which is known as hygral fatigue. Use the oil before or after washing the hairs to achieve the desired advantage. It is one of the lesser-known coconut oil benefits for hair.

It Makes Hair Shinier and Smoother

Though it is true about any natural oil, coconut oil does it the best possible way. It adds lustre to the hairs and makes them look shinier and instantly likeable. At the same time, it adds a high degree of smoothness and softness to hairs. The presence of natural saturated fats lets the oil achieve these benefits fast, especially when hairs tend to turn dull after shampooing.

It Contains Antioxidants

Coconut oil is highly resistible to oxidation and oxidative damage caused by free radicals. The presence of cphenolic compounds endow the oil with antioxidants that guard skin as well as head scalp. No wonder that it definitely contributes against hair damage that may result from free radicals.

It is Antimicrobial

Another admirable quality of the oil is that it is antimicrobial which means it has the power to fight the scalp infections caused by bacteria and viruses. It may also deal with infections caused by protozoa and fungus (including ringworm). In short, it has the antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal capabilities combined together and its regular usage keeps the hair free from the associated risks.

It is a Powerful Remedy for Dandruff       

With dandruff constantly showing up in your hairs and on your clothes, you are forced to enjoy a restricted social life. Add to the woes the continuous itching, redness and scalp irritation. Coconut oil offers a convenient way to get rid of dandruff in long term. Massage the infected scalp with warm coconut oil at least half an hour before washing and repeat this procedure twice every week. You would find tremendous relief from dandruff by following this treatment.

It Prevents and Treats Lice

Just like dandruff, lice can be a reason of embarrassment in your hairs. The frustrating part is that if not treated the right way, these pests keep on coming back. Coconut oil helps in more than one way in this direction. First, it coats the hairs, thereby repelling the lice. Second, it prevents the lice eggs from attaching to the strands. Third, it can be combined with other remedies like anise and tea tree oil to form a formulation for killing lice. Finally, it makes hair smooth enough to allow the easy usage of anti-lice combs.

It Protects Against Heat

Walking around in sun is possible among the most hair damaging causes known. And, the effect is same in summers as well as winters. An exciting benefit of coconut oil on hair is its tendency to form a natural sunscreen In fact it has the SPF value of 8 which is appreciable in preventing the level of hair damage due to excessive heat. People experiencing hot heads and abnormal sweating from scalp too can take advantage of its cooling qualities.

It Minimizes Split Ends

No matter how frequently you get them cut, hairs prone to split ends tend to face the problem persistently. Do you know that the multi-quality coconut oil offers a good solution in this direction as well? Applying the oil starting from roots towards the hair ends and then washing it off after about half an hour can address the issue impressively. Using it with almond oil can be even more beneficial.

It Boosts Hair Growth and Re-growth

How? Bring rich in the nutrients like vitamin K, vitamin E and iron, it promises excellent nourishment for hairs. To make it happen, it would be important to massage the scalp as well as the hair strands thoroughly and regularly with this natural remedy. Moreover, following this routine would restrain you from using products with harsh chemicals which destroy the natural hair growth potential.

It Detangles Smoothly

Tangled hairs and knots are extremely difficult to mange. Also, you are bound to break a large amount of hairs in this process. The regular use of coconut oil not only keeps the tangles at minimum, but also aids easy and stress-free detangling with comb.

It Takes Care of Boils and Burns

The condition may arise due to reasons like excessive exposure to sun, especially during winters and chemical treatments like bleaching and dying. What coconut oil does is that it helps the affected scalp tissues to heal, accelerates collagen production and also helps the skin to regenerate. Moreover, it aids in quick relief from redness, itchiness and pain that may be associated with these problems.

It Prevents Hairs from Turning Gray

If you start using it at the right stage, coconut oil is extremely useful in delaying the process of hair greying. You can also use it in combination with lime juice for even better results. People living in the coastal areas often report that it may also reverse the process and turn the hairs back to their natural colour.

It is Excellent for Natural Styling and Conditioning

Why choose chemicals when coconut oil is available as a great solution to style and deep condition your hair. Here are some examples:

  • Apply it warm and when it condenses, the oil works as a wonderful styling gel.
  • It works best to prevent frizzy hairs.
  • Massage your hairs with it at night and wash them in the morning and you would have amazingly conditioned hairs that are manageable and attractive.
  • Using it as the base to hair colours, you can achieve shinier hairs and long-lasting colours.

The best thing is that you can choose coconut oil for hair benefits without worrying about any possible side-effects. It is easily available in the market, though you must research to select the best quality and brand.

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